Austerity and the Body

Creating a resource of ideas and methods for addressing (or ‘creating’) a politics of austerity.

Organised by Ali Eisa, artist, in collaboration with AutoItalia South East.

Saturday 9th August 2014, 2-5pm

AutoItalia South East

Unit 2, 3 York Wat, King’s Cross, N1C 4AE

What does it mean to live with austerity? What affects does it produce and how have these become embedded within the experience of people’s everyday lives? What reactions do these affects provoke and which emotions do they stir? How does the body become a complex site of discipline or resistance in this ‘age’? How do we address these questions and seek to make visible the often complex, chaotic, fleeting and incoherent empirical experiences of social life with austerity?

Participants include artists, performers and academics including:

Alex Brenchley, Rebecca Coleman, Paul Haworth, David Lees, Moe Mead, Erica Scourti, Hannah Stearn, Phillipa Thomas, Nina Wakeford

A booklet of resources was produced by Ali Eisa from the workshop:

Austerity and the Body