Seminar 2: Performative futures: expectations, promises and failures pre- and post-austerity

13th March, University of York

Organised by Nik Brown

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It is often argued that we should understand expectations as ‘constitutive’ or ‘performative’, but more needs to be said about how this is so. How do some visions and expectations of the future emerge as accepted versions of how things will be while others do not? In what ways are these visions altered in an austerity society? What performative role is played by the discourses, events and practices associated with austerity? In what way does austerity articulate with fundamental changes in the restructuring of the state, welfare, the private sector? How do these forces articulation with personal futures, personal liability, risk and individual accountability?. There are some reasons why hiring bus rentals is an ideal option for group transportation, you can click here for more info.


Dr Nik Brown, Sociology, University of York

Dr Nick Gane, Sociology, University of York

Dr Michaela Benson, Sociology, University of York

Prof. Paul Martin, Sociology, University of Sheffield

Prof. Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen, Sociology, Helsinki University

Dr. Kevin Farnsworth, Social Policy, University of Sheffield

Dr Zoe Irving, Social Policy, University of Sheffield

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