Recent Events

We Can’t Be There Series

January – June 2015, various venues

‘Austerity Futures – Debt, Temporality & Pessimism as an Austerity Mood’ 

Talk by Rebecca Coleman, response by Susanna Paasonen, University of Turku

Part of the Rethinking Economies Seminar Series, Convened by Lisa Adkins, University of Tampere / University of Turku

13th May 2015, University of Tampere, Finland

Gendering Austerity: Cultures of Coping and the Work of Consumption Symposium

20th May 2015, Birkbeck, University of London


Previous events

Seminar 1: Conceptions of the future in an austerity society
9th November 2012, Lancaster University

Seminar 2: Performative futures: expectations, promises and failures pre- and post-austerity
13th March 2013, University of York

Seminar 3: Designing the future
17th June 2013, Goldsmiths College

Seminar 4: Forecasting the future
8th November 2013, Centre for Creative Collaboration, London

Seminar 5: Austerity and Emergency/Crisis
30th June 2014, University of Durham

International conference: September 2014, Goldsmiths, University of London

Additional events

‘The Cultural Politics of Austerity: Past and Present in Austere Times’, Rebecca Bramall

17th January 2014, Goldsmiths

Austerity and the Body, MA in Visual Sociology course exhibition

28th-31st March 2014, Goldsmiths

Austerity and the Body Workshop

9th August 2014, AutoItalia